Jon Favreau’s ‘Chef’ Now Streaming on Netflix

The popular movie about a chef who leaves a restaurant to start a food truck appears on Netflix this week

Now you can watch the hit summer movie that acts as a love letter to food truck cuisine. 

Chef, Jon Favreau’s food movie that everyone was talking about this summer, will now be available to stream on Netflix. The movie, written by, directed by, and starring Iron Man director Jon Favreau, is about a chef who quits his job at a prestigious Los Angeles restaurant following an altercation with a particularly ornery food critic, and starts a successful food truck business instead.

If you haven’t yet seen the movie, it stars Dustin Hoffman and Sofia Vergara, and follows the antics of one family as they try to find success with the food truck industry and travel the country selling Cubanos from the El Jefe truck to adoring and hungry crowds. The movie is likely fairly accurate when it comes to its portrayal of the food truck industry, since food truck guru Roy Choi was brought on board as a consultant to the film. As it turns out, the food truck at the center of the movie may actually become a real-life restaurant with Roy Choi’s help.

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For now though, you can enjoy the food truck cuisine by catching it on Netflix, along with other food films available like Somm, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and Haute Cuisine.