Jon Favreau’s 'Chef' Restaurant May Become a Reality

Jon Favreau and Roy Choi might open an El Jefe Restaurant from the film

Jon Favreau also directed international blockbuster 'Iron Man.'

Jon Favreau, actor and director of the film Chef, might be teaming up with chef Roy Choi to open up a restaurant inspired by the movie. Roy Choi is the Los Angeles-based chef best known for his Kogi Truck who was a major consultant for Favreau’s movie, which revolves around a struggling chef’s comeback via an old food truck, called El Jefe. Since the movie’s opening, Choi has been hosting promotional pop-ups with the El Jefe truck.

El Jefe’s signature, a Cubano sandwich, became such a hit with customers at the pop-ups that Favreau and Choi are thinking of opening a permanent El Jefe Restaurant. Favreau said in an interview with USA Today that they are “looking into ways of keeping the food aspect going,” andexplained that the reason the Cubano sandwich has become so popular is because “so much of is made of the Cubano sandwich as a plot point. It piques people’s interest.”


So far there’s no definite date of the restaurant’s opening, but Choi hinted that El Jefe may return to the streets, and more pop ups may be on the rise.