Jimmy Kimmel Trolls People into Drinking ‘Cold Pressed Juice’ That’s Actually Skittles and Water

Fake cold pressed juice made from quirky ingredients like Skittles, Fun Dip and Tang, fools everyone

Ah, yes, you can really taste the essence of Red Dye #40 in this juice.

What better way to fool organic-loving hipsters than by trolling them into drinking “cold-pressed juice” made from sugary candy? That’s exactly what Jimmy Kimmel did, when he set out to prove that the juicing fad has gotten a bit out of hand. He and his crew stopped by a local farmer’s market to see what consumers thought of “jüce,” the “cold-pressed juice” made from junk food like Skittles (called Rainbow), Fun Dip (called Soul) Tang, (dubbed Cure), and melted popsicles (dubbed Detox). As expected, everyone totally fell for it.

“Like a deep breath, you know, it just feels refreshing," one taster quipped after drinking a juice made from Fun Dip.

"It's not particularly sour, so I wouldn't really call it tangy, it's a little bit more muted than tangy, but definitely very light, very summer," said a participant, who drank the Tang “Cure” concoction.

Watch the entire hilarious video below: