What We're Loving: Love Grace Juice Cleanse

Plus, fresh juice 'cocktail' recipes for Labor Day
Love Grace

Sometimes we need to decompress. To do that, we take a moment to rest our minds, unplug our computers, and slip away from the world. If you give your mind a chance to de-clutter, you should consider doing your body the same favor.

At least, that is what Love Grace, a New York City-based juicing company, believes. They specialize in customized one-, three-, and five-day cold-pressed juice cleanses made from quality, organic "superfoods" to help rid your body of  excess junk.

To cleanse, Love Grace has you abstain from solid foods for a set amount of time, consuming only purified water and fresh juice from fruits and vegetables. While a three-day cleanse is recommended for the first-time cleanser, a single-day cleanse also has the potential to restore the digestive system and boost the immune system.

The best part about this juice cleanse is that the taste is entirely on-point and extremely refreshing. Each of the ingredients packed into the bottle complement each other, while still standing out as their own flavors.

The juices are available for nationwide delivery and can be found for sale in select locations throughout the New York area. Recipes are chemical-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and certified kosher.

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