Introducing Ansel's New Creation: Sweet Corn Blackberry Cake

Dominique Ansel's Bakery

The blackberry corn cake is light enough for summer, but sweet enough to be worth standing in line for hours.

Dominique Ansel is always cooking up something new, from the cronut that made his bakery famous, to the delectable cookie shot and the quirky waffogato (a waffle/gelato hybrid served over espresso). His newest creation, just in time for summer, is his sweet corn blackberry cake, a gluten-free treat that’s certainly lighter than many of Ansel’s past creations.

Specifically, the creation is a sweet corn mousse over a corn bread dacquoise (a French layered dessert cake made with almonds and hazelnut). It is topped with a fresh blackberry gelée and decorated with fresh blackberries, smoked butter popcorn (yes, popcorn!) and crème fraiche. It's lightly salted, which actually brings out the sweetness in the corn.

You can get your sweet corn blackberry cake all summer long at Ansel’s Bakery on Spring Street.

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