Dominique Ansel Reveals New 'Waffogato' on Wendy Williams

Dominique Ansel's newest dessert creation is the Waffogato

Will the Waffogato reach the same heights of culinary fame as the Cronut?

On Monday morning, April 28th, Dominique Ansel revealed the “Waffogato,” his newest pastry innovation, on the Wendy Williams daytime talk show, and host Wendy Williams was the first one to try it.

Amy Ma, a spokesperson for Dominique Ansel Bakery, told First We Feast that the Waffogato is made with Tahitian vanilla ice cream, bits of Belgian waffle, and topped with sea salt and pearl sugar.

Finally, espresso spiked with warm dark Vermont maple syrup is poured over the whole dessert.

“My favorite part is that as it melts, there are actually little tapioca balls within it that float up in the whole melted ice cream espresso soup,” said Ma. “It’s a lot of fun to eat.”

The Dominique Ansel team will reportedly serve tasting portions of the Waffogato to tonight’s Taste of the Nation charity event in New York City, and then introduce the new dessert at his Soho bakery the following week.


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