Deep-Fried Kale, Sriracha, Kimchi, and More Foods That Will Be Featured at the Minnesota State Fair

The annual fair is taking food to ridiculous new levels

This is the deep-fried kale in wine and served with a Thai chile sauce.

The Minnesota State Fair is notorious for its crazy fried concoctions. Fair officials just announced this year’s new items, and it seems the menu is branching out to embrace flavors and foods like sriracha, kimchi, and Spam burgers. And yes, that is deep-fried kale fried in wine and served with a sweet Thai chile sauce.

According to the Minnesota State Fair's website, sriracha-flavored foods are especially abundant, with sriracha meatball sliders; hot dog with sriracha, cream cheese, and bacon bits; deep-fried sriracha balls; and vanilla soft-serve drizzled with sriracha. A spokesperson from the fair said that this is classier fare for a state fair. “When reading over the list, one might think it is being served [at] a food and wine event.”

Crazy combinations include a kimchi curry poutine topped with an egg, bacon and sweet corn cream cheese croquettes, and chocolate-jalapeño ice cream, so don’t forget to bring water (though the dairy should bring the heat down from the spices).

It is a state fair, so deep-fried food is a must. Look for deep-fried baby back ribs, deep-fried spare ribs, bacon and maple-glazed funnel cakes, and “Totchos,” which are tater tots served as nachos.

For fair visitors on a diet, there is a salad option with Granny Smith apples, vanilla pudding, and chopped Snickers bars (obviously, it’s healthy if it has apples).


The fair runs from August 27 to Labor Day. Make sure to wear pants with an elastic waistband if you attend.