This Matcha Latte Tastes Exactly Like a Milkshake

Trade your iced coffee for this tasty drink

The matcha latte at Cafe Urbano packs a lot of caffeine.

Feeling cold-brew fatigue? Start your day with something different — like a mint-green iced latte.

Cafe Urbano, the high-energy Irving Park cafe on the corner of Elston and Avers avenues in Chicago, recently added a matcha latte ($4.25 small, $5 large), advertised on a small whiteboard behind the bar. Lattes made with matcha (finely powdered tea leaves) can be in danger of tasting like "drinking grass," a barista on duty said. To counteract this, matcha makers at Urbano use a sweetened powder from tea company Rishi, which they mix with milk or water. Ask for cinnamon to be sprinkled on top, if you like.

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