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A delicate and unexpected combination of flavors
Lee Kangbin creates full-color, customizable paintings on top of lattes at his café in South Korea; he calls it “Cream Art”
The Starbucks barista whose rant against the short-lived colorful drink will not actually be fired
Employees are complaining about running out of Frappuccinos way before closing, long lines, and pink dust everywhere
Café X in San Francisco is staffed by a robotic arm that can take your order and make customized coffee drinks
Starbucks introduced investors to a new products and features, including new artificial intelligence called My Starbucks Barista
Annoying and rude customers make baristas want revenge, and they have some discreet ways of doing that
So as the school year starts, venture out further than the convenient coffee chain on campus.
A court decision has been made; Starbucks baristas must share tips with shift supervisors.
The case could affect more than baristas' tips at the end of the day