Costco Free Samples Are Coming Back This Summer

In a world before coronavirus, shoppers at Costco could take free samples to try products before purchasing them. Or, at the very least, they could snag a bite to eat as they browse. But in early March, the wholesale club suspended the practice over safety concerns with the spread of COVID-19. Now, almost three months later, free samples are coming back this summer.

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"We're going to start doing some things in mid-June on a slow rollout basis in sampling," Costco chief financial officer Richard Galanti said on the call, according to USA Today. "I can't tell you anymore, but needless to say it's not going to be where you go and just pick up an open sample with your fingers."

Certain items are returning to Costco food courts too, but not all items are back just yet. In a recent Instagram post by The Costco Connoisseur, the limited menu appeared to feature hot dogs, soda, cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza. No seating will be provided, and condiments will only be served upon request.

Costco stores are now open during regular hours, but guests can only enter under one condition: You must wear a face mask. Make sure you and your family and protected in high-risk situations where social distancing may not be possible by knowing how to wear a face mask properly.