New York Wine & Food Fest: Down Home with Trisha Yearwood

What's next for this talented singer and cook?
Trisha Yearwood's Food
Lauren Gordon

Trisha Yearwood serenades the crowd at the New York Wine and Food Festival

For three time Grammy award winning singer and two time New York Times Best Selling author Trisha Yearwood, writing her cookbook Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood was always more than just creating a collection of recipes. At the New York Wine and Food Festival, she shared with us how it was more about preserving a lifetime of memories shared with her mother and sister.

"I think all families, if you have recipes, need to write them down. You know, those people will be gone one day, and to have the ability to make a recipe the way they made it, it's a good thing," says Yearwood, who sadly lost her mother shortly after collecting those recipes. 

Today, her daughters are already starting to know the value preserving those memories.

"They are off at college, and they've started to call and ask 'how do you make that again, mom?'" 

But not everything is  about all the past for this country cooking superstar. Her newest album in seven years, Prizefighter, drops on November 17th, an endeavor she says she is "scared to death" by. Frightened or not, Yearwood is pressing forward and will face this new challenge with the help of some time honored traditions. 

When Yearwood embarks on a tour, there isn't much time for her traditional home cooking. But when the bus stops and there is down-time between venues, you better believe her crew expects some of her finest. In particular?

"It isn't the easiest recipe to make, but my German chocolate cake," she proudly boasts. "I'll make sweets and a ton of other goodies, but that German chocolate cake is the one everyone ends up asking for."

Although the future still holds a bit of mysery for ths songstress and cook, one thing is for sure: she is nothing without her Southern roots, and the family she loves to cook and sing for. 


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