Apple Redesigned the Peach Emoji and Everybody is Sad

The peach emoji no longer serves a sexy purpose
New Peach Emoji and Old Peach Emoji


People liked the way the old peach emoji, on the left, looked like a bottom. The new peach emoji, on the right, is disappointing a lot of peach emoji aficionados. 

A new emoji rollout is usually cause for celebration. People wait with bated breath to see if we’ll finally be getting the taco or paella emoji we’ve been waiting for. But the news of the latest emoji redesign is being met with horror from the Internet, because the peach emoji has been redesigned so it no longer looks like, well, like a butt.

According to Buzzfeed, the new emoji lineup was released last Monday with a preview of Apple’s new iOS 10.2, and there are some great emoji in it. There’s an avocado now, and a very useful “facepalm” emoji. But the peach emoji no longer looks quite as much like a bottom as it used to, and people are very sad about it.

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The new peach emoji is more spherical, and turned to the side so the cleft no longer goes right down the middle of the graphic. It looks more like an actual peach, but people liked the double entendre potential of the old one.