Lollipops in Utah, Eggplants in Nevada, and More Popular Emojis Ranked by State

This new food map reveals the most popular unique emoji by state, and so many of us are food obsessed

Do your texting habits match your hometown’s preferences?

We all have our favorite emojis. Perhaps you’re drawn to the simple smiley face or adore the cha-cha girl. Or maybe you’re saving yourself for the taco emoji (which should be coming out any day now… hopefully).But which emoji are most people in your geographic region drawn to? Swift Key crunched the numbers on the emojis that each state uses more than others. In other words, which unique cartoony emoticon represents your state’s texting habits?

California, it seems, really wants to get a cab, and Montana has gone fishing, according to the interactive map. But eight states prefer food emojis. In Nevada, you have the infamous eggplant, Utah likes lollipops, Texas sends grape emojis quite often, Minnesota (not Georgia!) texts about peaches, Michigan is the land of the digital strawberry, Ohio is sending big bowls of ice cream, Iowa uses a lot of corn emojis, and Pennsylvania texts about cherries. 


Some of these were admittedly head-scratchers (Texas? Grapes? What?), but others we could have guessed on our own — Iowa and corn just makes sense. Check out the rest of the very important scientific study here.