New E! Shows Look at Wine Country Studs and More

The network forgoes food reality TV for boozy reality TV. We're down
Ben Flajnik
Brad Camembert/Shutterstock

Perhaps food and drink is the new fashion of the reality TV world, as the latest trend of reality shows is to follow hot young things in the industry, hoping one of them bursts into tears.

The latest in this lineup? Eater reports that E! is planning an unscripted reality TV show tentatively titled Young Sonoma, chronicling "the personal and professional lives of premier families at the top of their game in world renowned wine country, Sonoma Valley." Even better? The characters reportedly include The Bachelor's Ben Flajnik (of Envolve Winery), plus other wine folks like Mike and Kate Benziger, Danny and Collete Fay, and Vallerie and Tasha Cohn (B.R. Cohn Winery).

"The series goes inside the day-to-day drama that comes from living in a small town, working with friends and family, as well as being local and national celebrities," the press release says, which makes us think there will be plenty of Bachelor talk from Flajnik.

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Also in the works: real estate potentially edging out food. Another program, Sex & Real Estate, follows real estate agents in Miami where "business always mixes with pleasure." Sounds strangely like the Sex and the Kitchen show from Bravo, which uses the same exact tagline.