'Sex and the Kitchen' Show Is Happening

It'll follow women in the food industry and is launched by Bravo, naturally
Dinner, Drinks, Date

Dinner, Drinks, Date

We should've seen this coming. Bravo has announced that it's given the green light to seven new projects, one of which is a spinoff of Sex and the City.

The working title, Sex and the Kitchen, says it all. Produced by Brownstone Entertainment, the reality TV series will profile "a group of single, successful, and beautiful women connected to the restaurant and food industry in Los Angeles as they juggle a world where business always mixes with pleasure."

Eater reports that the group will consist of six women, one of which may or may not be Eater LA editor Kat Odell. Since it's in Los Angeles, we can be sure these girls aren't the ones profiled in New York Magazine's young foodies piece. Next important question: Are they all BFFs à la Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte?