Muslim Man on Hunger Strike After Being Served Pork in Detention Center

A man being detained in Yokohama is refusing to eat after having been served pork
Pork at a grocery

Wikimedia/Tila Monto

A Muslim man being detained at an immigration center in Yokohama, Japan, is reportedly on an extended hunger strike after having been served pork. 

An observant Muslim man being held at a detention center in Yokohama, Japan, is currently refusing to eat in protest after having been served a meal containing pork.

According to Rocket News 24, the man is a 48-year-old immigrant from Pakistan, and on August 3 he was allegedly served a hot meal at the Yokohama immigration center where he’s being held in detention. He does not eat pork for religious reasons, but that meal allegedly contained ham. In response to being served something he’s forbidden from eating, the man is now reportedly refusing to consume anything besides water and nutrition supplements.

According to officials at the center, the man’s health is not in any danger.

Rocket News 24 reports that the same thing happened with another person last year, when a salad garnished with bacon was accidentally served to someone who did not eat pork for religious reasons. The center said it was merely an administrative error and apologized for the mixup.

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