U.K. Chef Fired for Sneaking Meat Into Vegan Meals

The chef boasted on Instagram about lacing vegan meals with meat

A U.K. chef was fired this week after boasting on Instagram about sneaking meat into vegan dishes.

Chief on the list of people who should not be surprised to be fired this week is chef Adam Lambert of the Littleover Lodge Hotel in Derby, U.K., who recently took to social media to boast about sneaking meat into vegan dishes to trick unsuspecting customers. The Littleover Lodge could use a new chef right about now.

According to The Telegraph, Lambert posted on his Instagram account that a “personal favorite” past time for him was feeding meat and animal products to vegans without their knowledge. Unfortunately for Lambert, posting about his charade on Instagram eliminated the “without their knowledge” part of the prank, and customers were furious.

“Customers” from around the world, many of whom could not possibly have actually dined at the Littleover Lodge, left angry comments on the hotel’s Facebook page

Lambert maintains that he never actually did what he said, and that he just made the comment to get a rise out of a vegan woman with whom he was having an Internet argument. The hotel says it investigated and found nothing to suggest that Lambert had ever actually laced vegan dishes with meat, but said they were terminating his employment and adding a few more vegan dishes to the menu.