Most Unfortunate Fortune Cookie Fortunes Ever

Sometimes there’s no future in your fortune cookie

Seriously? This fortune takes laziness to a whole new level.

Chinese food is one of the best comfort foods in the world. It’s sweet and savory, most of it is deep fried (at least in the U.S.), and the options are endless. Whether you want to go healthy with some vegetable stir fry or ultra unhealthy with sticky, delicious sesame chicken, you’ll always get what you want out of a Chinese meal.

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And once you’re done stuffing yourself, which, let’s be honest, all of us do when it comes to Chinese food, you get to look forward to the free dessert: fortune cookies! Fortune cookies are fun for two reasons. First of all, they’re a fun shape, and looks matter when it comes to dessert. Second of all, they come with a prize. Honestly, what’s more fun than seeing what kind of fortune you got? Sometimes they are deep, sometimes they are encouraging, but they’re almost always awesome.

Or at least we thought so, until we came across some of the most unfortunate fortune cookie fortunes we’ve ever seen. Seriously, these fortunes barely even tried. Some of them said next to nothing, others made us slightly uncomfortable, and others still just blew us off like we were annoying them. Seriously, these kind of made us lose our faith in humanity a little bit. We feel for the poor people who got stuck with these disappointing fortunes.

The Unwanted Promise

Wait, wait, wait. We never agreed to this! This fortune cookie is putting words in our mouths.

The Pessimistic Fortune

Clearly this fortune doesn’t expect to achieve anything worthwhile in its life. We hope whoever got this fortune didn’t follow its advice because it’s lousy.


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