Fast Food Tattoos That’ll Make You Lose Faith in Humanity

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These poor folks are branded for life
Bad Fast Food Tattoos

You’ll never have regret quite like these folks.

By now, most of the Internet has seen the story of the Norwegian teen who got a McDonald’s receipt tattooed on his forearm. For weeks, the details of the eighteen-year-old’s dinner scribbled across his arm for time immemorial made him a minor celebrity, or at least a character whom vitriolic commenters loved to hate. Reader concern seemed to focus on whether or not the boy would regret his impulsive tattoo in a few years’ time, but Stian Ytterdahl, the teen with the infamous ink, insists that he couldn’t be happier as the bearer of body art that doubles as proof of purchase.

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His bizarre story got us thinking. How many other fast food super fans are walking around branded with the logos of their favorite drive through joints?

The answer is pretty surprising. There are tons of folks around the Internet sporting body art celebrating the logos of businesses that are, to most people, innocuous blips along the side of the Interstate at best and at worst, addictive poison factories recruiting impressionable children.

However, given the sheer number of tattoos featuring the cottony visage of Colonel Sanders alone, fast food is not without its fanatic followers. Unfortunately, more often than not, even the best inked tattoos doubling as fast food tributes end up looking more like silly reminders of a drunken youth than products of legitimate interest in body art. Come on, a six-inch rendition of KFC’s double down sandwich does not and will never say “Trust me to help you refinance your mortgage because I am a grown person who can add,” no matter how far society comes in terms of acceptance of tattoos.

To make up the following list, we rounded up the silliest, the shoddiest, and the just plain most baffling fast food tattoos the Internet has to offer. Enjoy, but please, please, think before you ink.

Logo Loco


Well, that tattoo covers all the bases: McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s. Sure, we get it; you like fast food. But Dairy Queen? Have a little self-respect, sir.

You Gotta Eat

you gotta eat

This is… certainly very detailed. What exactly is on top of those fries? Glue?

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