More Starbucks Locations to Offer Wine and Beer

The 'Starbucks Evenings' menu is expanding to new locations, including Dulles Airport

Your holiday stop at Starbucks — and even your airport run through Dulles International Airport — just got a bit sweeter. More locations are adding the "Starbucks Evenings" menu, with small plates, beer, and wine. 

The Huffington Post reports on the new expansion; currently there are 16 stores in the Seattle (no surprise there), Portland, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles areas that have the Starbucks Evenings menus. Now, Dulles International Airport will be added to the list, along with other stores coming this season. 

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What exactly is on the menu? Some tasty bites, including rosemary and brown sugar cashews, truffle mac and cheese, bacon-wrapped dates with a balsamic glaze, and even chocolate fondue. More importantly, the wines (which vary by location) are selected by a Starbucks-employed sommelier. But as Orange County Register columnist Nancy Luna noted, it's easy to miss the Evenings menu due to a lack of signage, and few bottles of wine on display. "... The uninformed visitor would never know the café is selling alcohol," she wrote in her column. So take note, you residents of Seattle, Portland, and the like: ask your barista whether they're hiding some pinot noir behind the counter.