Modern French Brasserie-Style


On a coveted strip of Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood (a stone’s throw from Lucques, Nobu, and Jinpachi), Comme Ça can be many things to many people. A thriving bar scene, a much-loved burger, and an otherwise fantastic French menu sets the scene. But what may be most impressive is the balance it strikes — it’s one of those rare L.A. places that everyone goes to, but no one cares who else is there. That’s probably because the food is delicious, despite the restaurant’s popularity.

It’s modern and sleek inside with a simple, fun atmosphere and not too many rustic accents trying to balance it. The brown paper atop each table, the blackboard with specials in chalk, and the crusty mini-baguette (with creamy, addictive butter) all drive home the point that this French brasserie-style eatery takes itself just seriously enough. Sitting at the bar is one way to experience it, as you face the raw bar on ice and watch as your mixologist creates concoctions from freshly-muddled ingredients while you tuck into their spot-on salade frisée.

Sit at a table if you plan on staying a little while. What’s good, you ask? It doesn’t behoove anyone to say everything, so the tarte flambée, the roasted beef marrow, and moules frites are among the best starters, and while the Comme Ça burger really is top dog, the steak frites, chicken diable, and a side of creamed spinach will keep you coming back for more. Also, the chocolate pot de crème may become one of your very favorite desserts.