Menu Ideas for Your ‘Game of Thrones’ Finale Party

Tyrion Lannister would want to come to this party

Your party will be just as amazing as Joffrey's wedding, minus the poisoning.

Sadly, the fourth season of Game of Thrones is coming to an end in two weeks. We’ve all spent the last eight Sundays watching our favorite characters wander through the Seven Kingdoms under constant threat of death and war. Some survive, but most do not, and now the hiatus threatens to drive us mad with waiting.

Instead of mourning the season’s end, celebrate it. Raise the banners, gather the houses, and share meat and mead with your favorite lords and ladies. At least this way there will be an army of crazy people screaming at the television instead of just you.


Your guests will truly feel like they are in “King’s Landing” when they see banners of each house's sigil hanging on your walls. On top of that, spread out glass bottles with labels like “dragon's blood" and "milk of the poppy" to set the mood.

Party Favors

Give everyone a DIY purple necklace just like the one that poisoned Joffrey and dollar store plastic swords so they can reenact the duel of the Mountain and the Red Viper. Just try and avoid any actual murder. 


Make sure everyone knows that costumes are mandatory. Anyone in normal garb risks getting thrown in “the dungeon.” There are sure to be a lot of Khaleesis, but dressing up in Oberyn’s colorful jackets would be a better nod to the fourth season.


Huge chunks of meat are a must for your Game of Thrones party. A savory rack of lamb seasoned with plenty of herbs would make even King Robert’s mouth water. If you’re not feeling quite as ambitious, try these chicken kebabs complete with onions and potatoes. As for dessert, think of Sansa Stark and serve up some dainty lemon cakes.



Of course the party has to have alcohol. Whether you’re a Dothraki or a man of the Night’s Watch, everyone in Westeros likes to get drunk. Game of Thrones beer is fun and tasty, but you can never go wrong with a little red wine.