McDonald’s Japan Introduces Mushroom Risotto Balls

McDonald’s customers in Japan can get risotto on the menu
McDonald's Japan

McDonald's Japan has introduced risotto balls filled with mushrooms.

McDonald’s Japan is getting some surprisingly high-end treats in stock for fall. First there was the purple sweet potato milkshake that debuts tomorrow, and there is even a matcha and Oreo McFlurry on the menu. And now the chain has even introduced its own version of arancini -- the Sicilian specialty of rice balls stuffed with filling and fried until they look like little breaded oranges.

According to Rocket News 24, McDonald’s Japan is rolling out Mushroom Risotto Balls as an autumn special. The limited-time offering is a small ball of brown rice risotto stuffed with mixed mushrooms — maitake, bunashimeji, king oyster mushroom, and white mushrooms — in mushroom sauce. The balls are breaded and fried until they are crisp and golden brown.

The Mushroom Risotto Balls seem like a surprisingly fancy dish for a quick-service snack, and they sound like a nice alternative to a box of chicken McNuggets. If you’re not in Japan in time to try the seasonal special, check out our best arancini recipes to make the original for yourself.

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