McDonald’s Japan Gets Free Wi-Fi

The freelancers of Japan will soon have a new place to work during the day
McDonald's Japan


McDonald's Japan announced that it will be installing free Wi-Fi in about 1,500 restaurants across Japan this summer.

The freelancers of Japan will soon have a new place to hang out and work all day, because McDonald’s Japan has announced that they will be installing free Wi-Fi in many restaurants over the summer.

According to Rocket News 24, approximately 1,500 McDonald’s locations in Japan will be outfitted with free Wi-Fi this summer in an attempt to get customers to come in and loiter throughout the day, in addition to coming in at the primary meal times.

The Wi-Fi will be available free of charge to guests who log in with their Facebook or Twitter accounts, or by providing an email address.

The first McDonald’s restaurants will be getting their Wi-Fi starting next week, and the rest of the roll-out should be completed in July. Not all McDonald’s locations will have the free Internet capabilities, but the ones that do get it are virtually guaranteed to suddenly become a lot more popular.

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