The World’s Strangest McDonald's Commercials Slideshow

7) Japan

Kids in McDonald's commercials have always been energetic, but we think you'll agree this spot takes youthful exuberance to the extreme. A SpongeBob toy causes screaming... a lot of screaming. This might just be the most exhausting commercial ever.

6) Ireland

Starting out with an un-McDonald's-like suggestive moment between a man and his lady, this dream encounter quickly diminishes as his wife shows up and ruins the moment.

3) Japan

Let's just say this one is a bit vague; a woman is mugging and striking cute poses with her hat. At no time do any McDonald's products enter the picture, and the background music is rather bizarre. We have to wonder if the minimalism drove up sales or just left viewers as bewildered as it left us.

2) Russia

Kind of artsy, funky, and shot in black and white, this brief spot features little clay pieces that rush out en masse to form a Big Mac box. It doesn't seem to make any discernible statement, but it certainly is different! 

11) United States' First McDonald's Ad

To be fair, before we smugly write some of these foreign ads off as too bizarre, we must include the very first 1963 television commercial for McDonald's, right here in the good old United States.He doesn't look much like the Ronald we've come to know, but has a more patched-together scarecrow look, with hay-like hair, a paper cup for a nose, and a large tray on his head.(The role was originated by Willard Scott, long before he became the TODAY Show's weather man.)Ronald has had many makeovers since those days, but has long since settled on the basic uniform of a yellow jumpsuit and red-striped socks.

10) Australia

With kids singing "Something Good" by Herman's Hermits in the background, this one isn't strange in a sexy or an odd way. It's just authentically fun and it makes you really wish that there was one of these in your town.No clowns required.

9) India

While we may not know everything the gentleman in the commercial (intended to be Bollywood star Dilip Kumar)is saying, the foreign vibe is interesting and there's a quick glimpse of items included in their "Happy Price Menu," most eye-catchingly, the "Pizza McPuff."

8) Taiwan

This is a film-quality spot that takes you on a romantic little McDonald's-sponsored journey.True love apparently doesnt rise above the need for french fries (although, come to think of it, those fries would be pretty cold and unappetizing by the end of the ad).

5) Sweden

Bored kids on a car trip, employing something akin to Jedi mind tricks, drive their nonplussed parents to distraction.Nothing too outlandish about the idea itself until you realize how darn creepy those children are and how vaguely sinister the ad's tone is.

4) Egypt

Set to Meatloaf singing "I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)," this vaguely misogynisticcommercial shows a man impressing his girlfriend with his chivalrous ways until she dares to take one of his fries. Naturally, at that point his gentlemanly ways instantly go south.

1) Japan

A sexy vibe is not usually what we associate with McDonald's, but that's what they were going for here, apparently. More like a brief fashion shoot, this spot features a woman with her long red hair blowing in the breeze who's clad in vaguely Ronald McDonald-esque colors (minus the baggy pants). It's slightly unsettling, and on the whole it's a very strange commercial.