White Wine Turns Green Thanks to Matcha

Matcha-infused wine is a thing that exists now

A hundred-year-old Kyoto tea seller has debuted a new line of matcha-infused green tea beverages, including wine. 

The world might have reached peak matcha, because the powdered green tea is not only in Kit Kats and ice cream and lattes, and now the world has green tea wine as well.

According to Rocket News 24, a century-old Kyoto tea store has started selling “vin au thé vert,” or green tea wine. It is a white wine mixed with a high-end matcha powder, which reportedly results in a beverage that combines the tea’s bitterness with the sweetness and acidity of a sweet white wine to make a bright green alcoholic beverage that is brisk and refreshing. It sounds like the sort of thing people would like to drink in the spring, and the green color would look nice on a table.

Conventional wisdom pairs red wine with meat and white wine with fish, but there’s not much guidance when it comes to pairing green wine with food. The shop says the wine pairs well with food, especially vegetables and fish. They also recommend mixing it with soda for a fizzy cocktail that goes well with sweet snacks like macarons.

The green tea wine is part of a broader collection of green tea beverages, including a green tea-infused sake, and a green tea chocolate liqueur. They’re available from Itokyuemon stores in Japan and online.