Marvel Potholders Recalled for Not Being Able to Hold Pots

An Infinity Gauntlet oven mitt melted in contact with some pizza rolls

A popular oven mitt shaped like the omnipotent Infinity Gauntlet from the Marvel comic book universe melted in contact with some Totino's pizza rolls. 

In the Marvel comics universe, the Infinity Gauntlet is a giant, gem-studded glove that renders its wearer virtually omnipotent, so it seems like it would at least make a pretty decent oven mitt. This week, however, the Loot Crate subscription service announced a recall because its Infinity Gauntlet oven mitts melted in contact with some hot pizza rolls.

According to Polygon, Loot Crate, which sends boxes of geeky memorabilia to subscribers every month, just emailed its subscribers and warned them not to use the Marvel oven mitt that came with their last boxes, because at least one user had seen his melt when it came in contact with a cookie sheet.

Twitter user Nick Borelli posted a photo of his own melted oven mitt and warned everyone that the novelty potholders would not actually hold pots and should not be used.  


Borelli confirmed that it was a pan of Totino’s pizza rolls that had defeated the omnipotent Infinity Gauntlet. Loot Crate has since emailed its subscribers and warned them that attempting to use the oven mitt might cause burns, and that defective gloves could be replaced with more functional ones.