Macaroni: The Ultimate Entertainer

Whether it’s a macaroni salad or a fresh dish of pasta, guests love this crowd-pleaser

July 7 is National Macaroni Day, and believe us, that’s a big deal. Whether you call it macaroni or pasta, who really cares? 

There are at least, 3,768,422 (but who's counting?) different recipes for the beloved starch and if you haven’t thought one up yet to wow your party-goers, now is the time. 

Celebrate the day by making a great veggie-packed macaroni salad or a piping hot dish of pasta with clam sauce — perfect for summer. However you prepare it, it’s sure to be a winner. 

Here's another idea for your next party or bash: have each guest bring a pasta salad recipe or a killer macaroni and cheese recipe to share with the rest of the guests and of course, you, the host!

Here are a few ideas to get you started!