Lou & Mickey's: Steak and Seafood Eaten Comfortably

Steak and Seafood Eaten Comfortably

Tons of restaurants are located in downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, but there is one steak and seafood specialty restaurant that will definitely catch your eye. Lou & Mickey’s serves entrées of prime steaks and choice seafood along with great drinks for affordable prices in the midst of a very casual restaurant feel. With executive chef James Woodfork’s leadership in the kitchen, guests have been experiencing fine dining in a comfortable setting for years.

The constant crowd at Lou & Mickey’s can speak on behalf of the delicious menu. With a wide variety of soups and salads to start, favorite appetizers include the crispy coconut wild jumbo Mexican shrimp, jumbo crab cakes, and grilled jumbo artichokes in a roasted garlic aioli. For the main course, choices range from seafood like pan seared sesame crusted wild yellowfin tuna to grilled teriyaki Ecuadorian mahi mahi. If you’re in the mood for meat, some of the many different cuts offered include the porterhouse pork chops, filet mignon, prime rib-eye or New York strip steak. But the pasta dishes are just as appetizing, with options as simple as spaghetti with tomato and basil to grilled chicken pasta carbonara.

With such an array of meals to choose from, Lou & Mickey’s allows diners to order and dine comfortably in a modern but traditional restaurant setting. While the environment might be loud,it is still possible to enjoy your meal and close conversations in a quiet and warm atmosphere. With the huge choice of meal options as well as the easy restaurant ambiance, Lou & Mickey’s will turn out to be a truly relaxed but memorable dining experience.