Life-Changing Products From the International Home and Housewares Show Slideshow


If the Swiss were to convert their army knife to a bar tool, this is the tool they would have invented. This versatile kitchen tool has "knives" to: muddle, ream, garnish, jig, zest, cut, stir, strain, pop open bottles, and even pull the cork out of your favorite bottle of wine. All you add is the booze!   

iCoffee by Remington

Although it looks like a standard drip coffeemaker, the brewing method of this machine is so advanced that it will likely change the way Americans brew their coffee. It starts with an injection of steam into the brewing chamber, followed by six directional jets, which agitate and stir the coffee. This guarantees a brew made with only the best flavors of the bean. Rich, chocolaty coffee with minimal bitterness. 

Keurig Revo

This is high-end coffee simplified. The coffee uses the latest generation in Keurig VUE brewing technology, and adds an automatic milk-frother. The easy-to-use buttons turn the laborious latte process into an easy two-button process.  

Mighty Mug

It's like a punching bag for your office. This brilliantly designed mug has a suction cup built into the bottom that only releases when the cup is elevated vertically. If it gets knocked, punched, or bumped horizontally, the suction cup stays strong, keeping your beverage where it belongs, and your desk clean.  


Few things in the kitchen will elevate your cooking as much as fresh herbs. With the Herb-Saver your basil, cilantro, and rosemary will last for up to three weeks in the refrigerator, giving you the chance to use the entire bunch of herbs before they go bad.