Kirin Ichiban Frozen Draft Is a Home Run at Dodger Stadium

This Kirin invention has baseball fans everywhere cool and satisfied

According to the Kirin website, Ichiban means "number one" in Japanese and is one of Japan's most acclaimed and best-selling beers.

Nothing is worse than a warm beer on a hot day, but with a new invention, this is a problem Dodger fans won’t face.

The June 25 Dodgers game against the Philadelphia Phillies marked the initiation of a new item on the Chavez Ravine menu: frozen beer foam. A press release from Kirin notes that the concoction is premium quality 100 percent malt, first press, draft beer topped with a 23℉ frozen beer foam that keeps the beer chilled for 30 minutes. The patented foaming technology of the Kirin Ichiban Frozen Draft machine blows air into the beer as it is consistently stirred and chilled. Kirin Regional Sales Manager Tatsuki Hirai says, “It keeps the beer colder for half an hour, and we want the customers to enjoy the new texture.”


According to Food Beast, the beer foam stood up to an 80-degree humid day. Though at $10 a pop, you’re reminded you’re at a ball game with inflated beer prices. The Frozen Beer Foam is slowly moving across the country, from Chaya Downtown Beer Garden in Los Angeles and Epcot Center at Disneyworld in Orlando, Fla.