Kale is the New Bacon Slideshow

Brad's Raw Chips

These kale chips, in Regular or Hot flavors, can be ordered by the case and, after the endorsement on TODAY, more than one person might be inclined to do so. Made with carrots, flax seeds, sprouted buckwheat groats, and another boatful of healthful ingredients (think Bragg and Himalayan sea salt), these kid-friendly kale chips seem to be popular for dips based on customer reviews.

Hot & Spicy Kale Tempuraw

Another product that can be purchased in bulk, this "tempuraw" seemingly mimics the taste of tempura but it’s raw (at least that’s how we interpreted it). The crunch is accomplished through the addition of cashews; this snack also comes in a plain flavor.

Kale & Watercress Hand Cream

Want the fresh and spicy smell of kale and watercress lingering on your hands all day? When the scent from dinner the night before starts to fade, simply refresh with this hydrating and moisturizing $20 hand cream that’s scented with "bright green kale and fresh peppery watercress."

Earthbound Organics Kales

This company known for its boxed varieties of salad greens that run the gamut of baby spinach, baby arugula, and mixed greens has now expanded with its line of "Mixed Baby Kales." Why? Because of kale's growing popularity and "tremendous nutrient content."

Veggie Pirate Booty

This irresistible snack is popcorn reinvented. Veggie Pirate’s Booty is a baked puffed treat made of spinach, parsley, carrots, and, to no one’s surprise, kale.

Eat More Kale.com Stickers

Jane Bruce

The popularity of these stickers (which seem to be everywhere) is so widespread that one day our staff walked in to find these on all of our desks. Who/how/why they were there, we’re still not sure… Apparently, they can be purchased for $0.50 each with free shipping! And, as an added bonus, they can be put on nearly everything.

Kale & Watercress Soap

The same company that offers the scented hand cream also sells a Kale & Watercress Soap. Apparently, there is a large enough market for kale and watercress lovers out there to necessitate not just having one but two of these scented products. Who knew?