Fishermen Start Wake-Up Call Service

Nobody is up earlier than a fisherman, so they’ve started giving people wake-up calls

Nobody has to wake up earlier than a professional fisherman, so a new wake-up service in Japan is offering live calls from real fishermen to help late-risers wake up.

The world is full of alarm clocks and alarm apps and roosters that promise they’ll crow at a certain time of day, but when a person absolutely has to be up at a certain time, there’s little that beats a good wake-up call. So now some Japanese fishermen have decided to start offering a wake-up call service, because they’re up early anyway, and they might as well help out some groggy late-risers while they’re at it.

There are few people who have to get up as early as professional fishermen. Some Japanese fishermen get up as early as 2 a.m. to go out and start catching fish for the day’s sales at the fish market. According to Sora News 24, the new Fisherman Call service takes advantage of the fishermen’s early schedules and has them delivering personal wake-up calls.

Fisherman Call says it’s the world’s first wake-up call service by fishermen, and its website lists available fishermen along with their names, schedules, and clips of their voices. It also promises that the wake-up calls are not pre-recorded messages, and the fishermen will actually be giving personal calls to all their clients in between catching fish for Japan’s groceries and restaurants. .


A wake-up call from a real person does have benefits over an app or an alarm clock. Sometimes a person forgets to set their alarm, or hits snooze one too many times, or just turns off the alarm and goes back to sleep. It’s a little more difficult to brush off a call from a real-live person, because a person has to at least say “thank you” to the person on the other end.