Italian Fishermen Catch Wild Boar in Ocean

Italian fishermen were looking for some sea bass and found wild boar instead
Wild boar


Some Italian fishermen were surprised this weekend to catch a wild boar in the ocean nearly four miles away from the coast. 

Some Italian fishermen invented a new kind of surf and turf this weekend when they caught a wild boar swimming in the ocean nearly four miles off the coast.

According to The Local, a group of amateur fishermen went out in their boat this weekend off the coast of Taranto in Italy’s southern Puglia region. They were most likely looking for some tasty seafood to take home with them, and they were shocked to see some completely different game swimming around in circles by the boat.

The fishermen decided to catch the boar, and after a few tries they managed to wrangle it onto their boat. The rescued boar was not sufficiently grateful, though, and spent the voyage back to shore attacking them and the boat.

“We tried to bring it back to the shore – and we eventually managed it – but the boar was very afraid and kept attacking our boat,” said one of the fishermen.“Once we got it to dry land it ran off into the pine forest – it was amazing."

The boar was lucky to encounter some friendly humans who were more interested in eating fish than wild game, but it should be careful in the forest, because there are other humans about and wild boar is delicious.

"I hope the boar realizes that hunting season has started,” the fisherman said.

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