Gothic Lolita Cooking Knives Bring Frilly Fashion to the Kitchen

A Japanese company has designed knives for cooks who love frills
gothic lolita knife

Takumi Armory

Takumi Armory has created two frilly new "Lolita" and "Gothic Lolita" cooking knives for chefs who like to be cute in the kitchen.

A nice set of high-end chef’s knives can be pretty impressive, functional, and even cool, but they aren’t exactly cute. But now one Japanese company has designed some new cooking knives to go along with the frilliest of pink cupcake dresses.

According to Rocket News 24, the new knives by Takumi Armory are designed for cooks who are very into the “Lolita” lifestyle. Lolita is a fashion subculture where people wear frilly pastel dresses with ruffles and basically dress like little Victorian dolls. Some devotees are very passionate about making the Lolita fashion take over all aspects of their lives, and it’s easy to see how a regular, non-cute kitchen knife wouldn’t seem like the right accessory for a pink pinafore.

There is also a “gothic Lolita” branch of the subculture which wears black gothic dresses that are still just as ruffled and frilly as the Lolita dresses.

Takumi Armory’s new, $1,500 Lappin knife features engraved hearts all over the blade, and a pink handle with a cartoon rabbit smiling up from it. Gothic Lolitas might prefer the $1,700 Juliette knife, which has a large metal butterfly on the blade, and a big, black bow around the handle. Both are available by custom order.

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