Meet Chelsea Miller, the Woman Who Makes Knives for Eleven Madison Park

Miller's knife-making began as a hobby, and now she supplies a three Michelin-starred restaurant

Chelsea Miller is the high-end knife-maker for restaurants like Eleven Madison Park.

Chelsea Miller is the Brooklyn-based knife-maker who makes knives for restaurants like Eleven Madison Park. She’s only been in the business since 2011 and it started as a hobby, but success came pretty quickly after she started selling her wares at the Brooklyn Flea Market.

Miller sources most of her materials from Vermont, including the wood which she gets from her family’s farm in Vermont.

Miller’s knives are available for $200 to $450, and include everything from cheese knives to a wide range of serious kitchen knives, though you should be warned that the knives are back-ordered for anywhere between six to eight weeks.

“The intent in cutting is to give your energy away, so a lot of my knives are rolling, forward shapes,” says Miller of her knife-sculpting style.

“My favorite part about making knives is the incredible simplicity of the final product. It’s such a complicated simple tool, but beyond that , there’s so much more to appreciate about as knife the way it looks, the way it feels, the history behind it.”

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