It's IPA Day: Cheers To The Bitterest Brew

We expect that Twitter and Instagram will be filled with photos of the celebrated India pale ale for a favorite beer holiday, IPA Day. Here at The Daily Meal, we'll toast to the sour-face-inducing brew.

What exactly is the IPA? According to the founders of IPA Day, it's a story that's widely refuted. But most agree that the India pale ale was created during the period of Indian colonization. English brewers realized that the pale ales they were shipping to India weren't surviving the voyage, so they created a pale ale with higher levels of hops — hence the stronger, bitter taste. "The preservative nature of both hops and alcohol helped allow the beer to survive the voyage," the IPA Day website reads. 

Here, a look at what makes this brew so special: 

America's Bitterest Brew

The international bitterness unit (IBUs) for an IPA, Johnathon Bernstein reveals, is usually more than 100 IBUs. To compare, a Budweiser packs about 10 IBUs — that's a whole lot of bitterness.

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Cheers to the IPA, and celebrate IPA Day with us!