What to Cook (And Drink) With Dad: Beer and Food Pairings

From DC's SAVOR event, make the perfect Father's Day meal with craft beer pairings

Chef Adam Dulye created the beer and food pairings for SAVOR.

Last weekend's SAVOR event in Washington, D.C. didn't just bring out the best in craft beers: it brought out the best bites to pair them with. Chef Adam Dulye, from San Francisco's Monk's Kettle and Abbot's Cellar, acted as the beer and food consultant for the Brewer's Association and created individual dishes for each of the beers presented. (With more than 74 breweries at the event and chefs cooking 85,000 bites, that's a lot of beer and food!) SAVOR shared with us three of their original beer and food pairings, and why each pairing works. For the perfect Father's Day pairing, check out these recipes below:


Lobster Potstickers

What beer to pair with them: DC Brau Brewing's Corruption IPA

Why it works: "The combination of the lobster and pickled pepper play between the hops and malt."


Lamb Meatballs with Tomato Sauce and Ricotta Salata

What beer to pair them with: Deschutes Brewery's Stoic

Why it works: "The lamb calms the Stoic on the palate to pull out otherwise hidden notes."


Brown Sugar Cheesecake with Butterscotch

What beer to pair them with: Epic Brewing Company's Smoked & Oaked

Why it works: "The smoke imparts a toffee-like feel to the butterscotch in the cheesecake."