Running of the bulls

Tourists Caught Running Out on Bill During Running of the Bulls

A group of tourists tried to run out on a check during the running of the bulls in Pamplona
Running of the bulls

14 Italian tourists tried to run out on a restaurant bill while in Spain for the running of the bulls, but police caught them. 

It takes a lot of guts to participate in the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, so it’s not surprising that some tourists who were looking to be chased by bulls might be a little cavalier about breaking a law or two. But this week a large group of Italian tourists tried to dine and dash from a Spanish restaurant during the annual festival, and police caught them and made them go back and leave a nice tip.

According to The Local, the festival of San Fermin started on June 6 and runs for eight days. Every morning during the festival, six bulls plow through the city’s narrow streets, and hundreds of people try to get out of their way. Five people were gored by bulls on the first two days of the festival this year.

The event attracts more than a million people every year, and apparently after running from some bulls, running from a waiter seems like an easy trick. So Friday, just after midnight, a party of about 14 Italian tourists ran out of a restaurant just after their $706 bill arrived.

Running from a bull is easier than running from the cops, though, because the local police managed to round up the tourists and made them go back to the restaurant and pay their bill. The men also left a 10-percent tip for the servers they’d tried to run out on. The police said on Twitter that they did not actually make the would-be dine-and-dashers leave a tip, but that after being caught and brought back to the restaurat to pay their debt, the men's shame and embarrassment forced them to leave a nice tip as well.

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