Illustrating the World’s Best Eats Slideshow



Courtesy of They Draw & Travel

This delightfully simple map takes us through the culinary specialties of Portugal, of which there are many. Starting in the north of the country and moving south, it recommends tasting porto in the Douro Valley, sweet ovos moles in Aveiro, cherry liqueur in Obidos, rich and creamy pastéis de Beém in Lisbon, wines in Alentejo, and beers from Sagres.

By Agata Kowalska

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Courtesy of They Draw & Travel

Depicting landmarks from the East River to the BQE and beyond, this map features some of the best finds in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood. Pies and Thighs is known for their fried chicken and homemade pies, Barcade is a long-loved bar that's walls are lined with old (but still playable) arcade games, DuMont Burger has one of the best burgers in town, and Five Leaves is a locals' brunch hangout.

By James Gulliver Hancock

Charleston, S.C.

Courtesy of They Draw & Travel

Rob Beals’ cool, cartoonish map of Charleston brings the charming Southern town to life with an aerial view of delicious eateries and cool points of interest. Hyman's Seafood, Red's Ice House, and Vickery's made the cut, as did sweet Sullivan's Island, the James Island dog park, and the Charles Towne Landing.

St. Lawrence, Toronto

Courtesy of They Draw & Travel

This map makes us want to spend a weekend strolling through the streets of the St. Lawrence neighborhood in Toronto. Indulging in chocolate almond croissants, snapping up fresh produce and exotic honey in the market, munching on eggplant sandwiches for lunch, and snacking on macaroons and Portuguese pastries sounds just right before taking a walk through St. James Park and the design district.

By Jenn Tse

Melbourne, Australia

Courtesy of They Draw & Travel

We've known for a while now that Melbourne has some of the best food in Australia, and this map gives us all the more reason to explore the diverse culinary scene. Just about everything illustrated here has us salivating, from the Laksa King to the Sushi Train and from the Gelo Bar to the steamed dumplings at Golden Leaf.

By Laura Wood

Paso Robles, Calif.

Courtesy of They Draw & Travel

Paso Robles, Calif., is the delicious and wine-soaked central California stop between Los Angeles and San Francisco, with nearby wineries, mouthwatering barbecue, stellar local ingredients, and according to this fantastic and colorful map, delicious-looking doughnuts. We'd basically follow this map like law on our next trip out West.

By Monika Roe

Holland’s Outdoor Food Markets

Courtesy of They Draw & Travel

According to this map, it doesn't matter where you head in Holland — you are likely to step out of your hotel in the morning, make your way through an outdoor food market, and find plenty of produce and local treats. As the artist's description says, tourists rarely make it to these markets that are so loved by locals, so take heed of this map of hidden gems.

By Pia Drent

Kyoto, Japan

Courtesy of They Draw & Travel

Getting insider knowledge can be even more important when you're traveling farther afield, which is one of the many reasons we adore this dynamic map of Kyoto, Japan. It shows what to try, where to hike, what views to find, and soothing hot baths to indulge in. Our first stop might have to be the Nishiki Market.

By Jessica Pollak

Springfield, Missouri

Courtesy of They Draw & Travel

This map came as somewhat of a surprise to us — it's a map of the best cashew chicken dishes found in Springfield, Mo. First, we were unaware of the hold that cashew chicken apparently has on Springfield, and second, we are excited by the thought that the artist, Nicole Peters, did her research and located the best of the best. Here's to exploring the "unofficial dish of the city."

By Nicole Peters