Korean Grocery Releases Ice Cream That Cures Hangovers

“Hang In There” ice cream is just what the world’s heavy drinkers were looking for
Ice cream

Wikimedia/Lotus Head

A new ice cream bar that promises to cure people's hangovers just debuted in South Korea. 

Ice cream and hangovers are both known for leaving people with splitting headaches, but now a bit of ice cream could be just what the world’s heavy drinkers have been looking for, because a Korean grocery chain has released an ice cream that promises to cure people’s hangovers.

According to Reuters, the new ice cream bar is called the “Gyeondyo-bar,” which means “hang in there” in Korean. The bar is grapefruit flavored and made with raisin tree fruit juice, which is cited as a treatment for hangovers in traditional Korean medicine.


The “hang in there” bar debuted Friday at the Withme FS convenience store chain, but the real test of its efficacy will take place Monday morning, when all the weekend’s drinkers have to head back to work. For their sake, one hopes a nice ice cream bar will take the edge off a bit. The ice cream is only available in South Korea at the moment, which means that even if it’s effective, the rest of us will still have to continue to make do with strong coffee and egg sandwiches.