You Won’t Believe What These 5 Countries Call Hangover Food

Hangovers are universal, but their cures are not

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Would you eat an inside-out sushi, of sorts, to cure your hangover?

Hangovers are no fun for anyone. People go to many lengths to avoid, prevent, or cure them. If the thought of food makes you sick, you can try hangover-curing yoga poses. Scientists are even trying to make hangover-free wine with designer yeast. Until they do, we are stuck with our usual remedies.

However, eggs and bacon won’t clear that throbbing headache for everyone. A lot of people hate the taste of hydrating drinks like coconut water. Aspirin may upset your stomach. Hair of the dog? No thanks. But don’t worry. There is a hangover cure out there for everyone — and that is evident in the many dishes around the world that people believe cure hangovers. Here are five of them that we in America might consider a bit odd.

Buffalo Milk (Namibia)

Contrary to what its name suggests, there is no buffalo milk in “buffalo milk.” It is a mix of vanilla ice cream, spiced rum, dark rum, cream liqueur, and heavy cream.

Menudo (Mexico)

Menudo is a traditional soup made with tripe, lime, chopped onions, and crushed oregano in a red chile pepper-based broth. Why be contrite about how much you drank last night when you can be contripe?

Penis Braid (Sicily)

In Sicily, dried bull penis, in the form of a jerky, is supposed to restore energy to the drowsy individual who threw back a few too many the night before. If it doesn’t make him or her throw up.

Prairie Oyster (USA)

There’s no seafood here, just the yolk of a raw egg served with Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, salt, and black pepper. It’s served in a shot glass, almost as if mocking you.

Rollmops (Germany)

To make rollmops, pickled herring fillets are rolled and stuffed with a savory filling like gherkin or green olive. It’s sort of like inside-out German sushi. 

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