How to Stock Your Bar Cart for the Super Bowl

Check out these tips for successfully stocking your bar cart

Make sure you stock your party cart with these essentials.

A new trend has emerged in the world of cocktails, drinks and libations: the bar cart. An elegant, fun and trendy way to serve and store your favorite drinks, this new trend in home bartending is taking over by storm. Gone are the days of having a fully stocked bar in your man cave or entertaining area. Now, people are finding stylish carts and stocking them to the brim with their favorite liquors, wines and other necessities. The cart is not only attractive to the eye, but it is mobile, allowing for it to come and go from room to room if need be- which is perfect for a Super Bowl party full of fidgety fans!

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A bar cart is like any other trendy home item. You need to choose a style that defines who you are and what tone you want to set. Are you the type with an elegant sitting room, filled with classic pieces of art and posh furniture? Choose a cart that is on the classic side with gold fixtures and glass shelves. Someone more trendy and edgy will want to choose something that has a bit of zing to it, a cart with personality. Retailers left and right sell carts that can be used for your bar needs. Shop around and choose one that suits you;. Or, should you be the patient type, thrift for it.


When it comes to stocking it, think of two things. First, what will your guests enjoy? Bar carts are meant for entertaining, so you'll need to stock it with liquors and mixers that will appeal to a mass quantity of people. Go with classics - vodka, gin, tonic water - so you have a well-rounded array of liquors to choose from. Second, what will you want? Everyone has their own tastes. Part of having a bar cart is enjoying it for yourself, so don't be shy about stocking it with those cheesy novelty liquors if that is what you like. Just be sure to keep your cart well-stocked, fun and ready for entertaining.