How to Stock Your Bar Cart for the Super Bowl (Slideshow)

Check out these tips for successfully stocking your bar cart

1. The Cart

With bar carts being such a big trend, it'd be crazy for retailers not to buy into it. Each major furniture store - from Pottery Barn to Target - sells their own version of a cocktail cart. Shop around and choose one that really suits your style. If you're patient, thrift for one. You may find a cart with much more character than any store could give you.

2. The Glasses


It's important to have an assortment of glasses available on your cart, since you'll likely be playing bartender from time to time. Let the style of your glasses compliment the overall theme you have. A place like C Wonder has an array of cute and stylish glasses that can suit a variety of needs. Make sure you don’t forget to represent your team in your barware with branded pint glasses!

3. The Accessories

There are certain accessories you'll need - both for practical purposes and purely for looks. A cocktail shaker and stirring sticks are an obvious necessity, needed for a variety of cocktails. Pretty paper straws? Well, they're just to look pretty and can even show your pride with team colors!

4. The Classic Liquors


Part of having a bar cart is stocking it with lots of different liquors so you can serve a variety of cocktails. You need to start with the basics - vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, bourbon. If shopping locally is your thing, stock it with liquors made in your area. You can also never go wrong with the well-known brands. Just be sure to include all of the standards.

5. The Specialty Liquors


Not everyone likes the fancy, specialty liquors. But there is always a crowd that enjoys a certain cocktail. Don't go crazy with the specialty liquors unless you know you will use them. Consider having one or two - something like Rumchata or Whipped Cream Vodka - and adding to the cart as necessary.

6. The Mix-ins


Cocktails aren't just about the liquor. There is almost always some sort of mixer to balance it out, be it bitters or sparkling water. Be sure to keep your stocked with lots of different options. If you are creative, make your own grenadine at home for a little something extra.

7. The Garnishes


You can't have a bar cart, filled with all the makings of a perfect cocktail, and not have garnishes. Cherries and olives are the obvious choices. But also add some interesting items such as candied ginger or lemon peel. They add a little something extra.

8. The Wines


There will always be the crowd that doesn't like cocktails and liquor. For that crowd, be sure to stock your cart with lots of assorted wines. Consider trying a local variety, it adds a nice touch of charm.

9. Non-Alcoholic Choices


There will always be someone who doesn't imbibe in alcohol. So definitely stock your cart with items that they can enjoy. Sparkling waters are popular these days and come in lots of varieties and flavors. Also try gourmet sodas in flavors such as lemon, blood orange or grapefruit. They have a great pizzazz.

10. Just For Looks


Along with being useful, your bar cart should look really stunning. Adding a few accent here and there to just brighten up will make a world of difference. Consider adding a vase filled with silk hydrangeas or a few accent bowls to add a nice touch. Even stringing team flags around the cart is a quick way to make it festive!