How to Save Money on Your Next Tailgate

Don’t break the bank for every weekend game, just follow these great tips
Budget Tailgating

Your tailgate just got a whole lot cheaper.

Tailgating is an epic event. The food and the beer are practically flowing from the back of your truck, and if you are a super tailgater, you know you have to have all of hottest gadgets to really rock your tailgate. But traveling and packing up all of that food can cost a pretty penny, and can definitely stress out your piggy bank by the end of the season. Luckily, there are actually a few great money-saving tips you can implement to help cut the costs of your tailgate.  The “Quick Meal Queen” Natashja Szortyka was kind enough to share a few of her go-to tips that can really turn your tailgate budget around. Make sure you remember these nifty tricks when prepping for your next tailgate:

1. Frozen hamburger patties are less expensive and easier to prepare than fresh ground beef. Philly Gourmet is my favorite brand. And you can still customize them by using spices on them while they are grilling. I like to use Adobo and Montreal Steak seasoning. And if you have more than you can use they just stay in the freezer for a quick dinner on another night.

2. The dollar store is the perfect place for your plates, napkins, utensils and decorations. They have a lot of color options and they are usually located near a grocery store so you don’t need make another trip with the car.

3. Stopping by a farm stand or farmers market can be a good option for your vegetables. You will be using what is in season, buying local, and if you have a lot to purchase sometimes you can get a bulk deal. They need to sell the produce quickly so it doesn’t spoil and if you take a lot off of their hands they may be willing to drop the price.

4. When it comes to condiments, store brands can save you money with no sacrifice of quality. Ketchup, mustard, chips, pretzels; they are all great ways to save by purchasing store-brand versions.

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5. Drinks can quickly add up. For a fresh healthy alternative to soda, try serving infused water. The night before, get a few pitchers and flavor them with different fruits and veggies. Try cucumber, watermelon and mint in one, and lemon, lime, and orange in another. You can also freeze the produce in water in your ice cube trays for extra flair and flavor. It saves not only money but calories if you serve these refreshing spritzers instead of soda. And for the adults, sangria is refreshing and can help you use up the extra fruit from the water. You will have plenty of variety without spending too much.