8 Tips for Breakfast Tailgating

Wake up and party with these great tips and ideas

Rise and shine at your next tailgate with these helpful tips

As the upcoming NFL season starts to take shape, tailgaters from all over the country will be waking up bright and early with huge smiles on their faces. It's game time, and tailgate aficionados are ready for some football!

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Fans will put on their jerseys, apply their face paint, and get amped up for the day ahead. With multiple games being played on the same day, sometimes you have to get up early to support your team and immerse yourself in the football culture. But with your mind focused on the day’s upcoming major games, what do you do about breakfast? How are you going to be able to combine the most important meal of the day with the outdoor experience that is tailgating? Well, tailgaters of the world have nothing to fear because tailgating and breakfast can come together in a way to help you get your game on!

You can still have your grill, your music, and your alcohol, but now you can alter your itinerary to accommodate your very first meal of the day. Be creative, be versatile, and use all the bacon you want. 


We here at The Daily Meal want you to have a successful outing when tailgating for breakfast, so we have compiled a list of ways to incorporate your favorite breakfast traditions into a fun and exciting tailgating experience. So trade in your hamburgers and hot dogs for a healthy dose of eggs and sausage — its breakfast tailgating time!