Home Food Cures for Poison Ivy and Other Summer Bummers

Don’t miss these important home remedies that will save your summer
Summer Bummer Relief

Who knew your pantry had healing powers?

Summer is a beloved time of the year, full of barbecues, swimming pools, and a lot of time spent relaxing outdoors. The season of sun is all fun and games. That is, until someone gets stung. Or sunburnt. Or has a nasty run-in with poison ivy.

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Skin isn’t the only thing to worry about when gallivanting around in the warm weather: damaged hair, earaches, blisters, and reactions from encountering poisonous plants are all common problems for adults, adolescents, and children.

In a world of over-the-counter pills, creams, and quick fixes, we’ve found (more) natural ways to combat the ailments that can ruin a day at the pool, a picnic at the park or a lazy Sunday at the beach… and don’t get us started on a destroyed vacation.

Rather than rushing to the nearest pharmacy, cures for common seasonal setbacks can be concocted in the kitchen. Put away the car keys and credit card. Instead, browse through your pantry (and fridge) for edible ingredients that medicate. In fact, they might already be on the counter as you’re preparing for your next barbecue.

Just by using simple kitchen tools like tablespoons, mixing bowls and a pot (to boil water in some instances), will do the trick when Band-Aids and other first aid kit staples fall short of solving setbacks.

With these easy fixes, you’ll spend more time in bathing suits, sun hats, and flip-flops. Focus on enjoying the warm weather instead of nursing wounds and  buying up the drugstore.

Of course, for very serious matters, call 911 or visit the doctor.

Sunburn Relief

Pull together a sunburn treatment to cure those red-hot shoulders. During bikini season, some people avoid potatoes because of their carbs, but not Jamie Ahn, owner of Townhouse Spa in NYC.

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Heat Rash Relief

Looking tan is nice, but save the red-hot look for lobsters and lipstick. Abby Fazio, owner of New London Pharmacy in New York City, says it’s best to avoid eating spicy foods or sugar, as well as alcohol. Her recipe is a cinch:

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This story was originally published  on July 18, 2014.