Easy Appetizers for Summer

Take advantage of summer produce with these easy appetizers
Easy Appetizers for Summer

Deviled eggs aren’t the only quick and easy appetizer.

Appetizers are great way to cater to a variety of tastes when you host a party or barbecue. Summer appetizers should be all about ease of preparation and fresh seasonal flavors; things that you can prepare quickly using the bounty of delicious produce available during the summer.

Tomatoes are a quintessential part of summer. For an easy appetizer, halve grape or cherry tomatoes, skewer them on toothpicks along with cubed bufala mozzarella and basil, and then drizzle the skewers with olive oil or balsamic vinegar

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Finish the skewers with some salt and freshly cracked pepper.

Though bell peppers are available year round, their growing season peaks in summer. This means they’ll be more flavorful and delicious during the summer months.

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Take advantage of the season by using bell peppers in an easy appetizer. Dice them, toss them with salt, pepper, and fresh herbs, and then layer them on toasted slices of bread that have been spread with ricotta or goat cheese.

Figs are another summertime treat.

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Slice fresh figs in half, wrap them in thin slices of salty prosciutto and skewer them with fresh rosemary for a simple and sophisticated summer appetizer.

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