What Is a Sukkah Slideshow

Unusual designs fit for a dinner party to celebrate Sukkot

1. Sukkah of Stacked Wooden Boards

Hundreds of thin wooden boards stacked in two directions to create the communal space.

2. Tree Trunk-Topped Sukkah

An impossible-looking structure where walls of glass maintain the weight of a massive tree trunk.

3. Split Sukkah

A sand-filled, open-air dome made from plywood, twine, and marsh grass that reaches out in all directions.

4. Cardboard Box Sukkah

Using cardboard messages from those in need of a home as the walls of the shelter, the creeds of Sukkot couldn't be more profoundly expressed.

5. Curvaceous Sukkah

Winding and turning, this thick wicker Sukkah gives a curvy shape to an often sharply edged structure.

6. Framed Sukkah

On a raised platform, this structure appears to float in the air. Its wiry canopy allows fresh air and light to stream in from all angles.

7. Continuous Loop Sukkah

Looping continuous wires around a bamboo scaffold creates a grandiose archway strewn with feathers and mounted over boardwalk planks.

8. Palm-Topped Sukkah

With sides made of plywood, this sukkah has a bed of palm fronds for a roof.

9. Sukkah with Arched Door

Most sukkahs are decorated with harvest-themed items like pumpkins and grasses. Here, palm fronds create a decorative, arched doorway for the outdoor dining room.