This Is the Ultimate Holiday Drinking Game

Gather your friends to play this Holiday drinking game
Holiday Shots


Drink up this winter with this awesome game.

A lot of things naturally come with the holiday season, like cozy nights by the fire, sharing hot chocolate, giving presents, eating cookies, watching movies, and, yes, even drinking! Whether it’s eggnog, spiked hot chocolate, or rum-filled apple cider, there’s always a way to incorporate alcohol into our favorite Christmastime beverages. While you’re enjoying a warm, thick drink that’s slowly providing you with a liquor blanket of sorts, you may want to play an easy holiday drinking game to keep you and your friends awake. This game is sure to get everyone into the holiday spirit by incorporating old holiday favorites.

First, pick your favorite classic Christmas movie, like Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer, A Christmas Carol, Elf, or A Charlie Brown Christmas. Give everyone 12 shots for the 12 days of Christmas of your favorite winter cocktails, but place at least a few non-alcoholic shots in the lineup, so your friends will never know what’s coming. The next step is to follow these rules, and take one of your 12 shots whenever one of the following things occurs.  


Whenever you hear the word Santa, take a shot.

Whenever someone says the words to the movie, take a shot.

Whenever a Christmas song starts playing, take a shot…Then sing along. If you don’t know the words to the song, take another shot.

Whenever you’re feeling emotional while watching the movie (when Charlie Brown messes everything up or “The Island of Misfit Toys” song comes on or Frosty melts), take a shot.

Whenever someone complains during the movie, take a shot.

Whenever someone says, “This is my favorite part!” take a shot.

Whenever you have a moment when you contemplate whether or not Santa is real, take a shot.


Whenever you hear the phrase, “Merry Christmas,” take a shot.